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Had Enough of Public School Yet?

This spring's forced testing situation has caused a lot of parents to rethink their decision to leave their children in the public school. From administrator's lying to them, to threats against parents for being on school property, to policies that force children to sit and stare for hours to meet the district's testing goals in opposition to parental directives, many parents have had enough. They are ready to make the leap into home schooling.

Here we are going to share just a few things you should know about that moment of transition.

You have the right to educate your child any way you choose in this state (home, private, parochial). You have other rights that the public school is not required to inform you of and may try to take advantage of your ignorance of these rights when you inform them that you are unenrolling your child from the district. Please take a moment to read about these rights and then we strongly encourage you to connect with Families for Home Education, a Missouri group of home schoolers, to learn more about what you can do after you tell the school you are not leaving your child in their care any more.

1.  You are only required to notify the school of your intent to withdraw your child from their enrollment lists. You do not have to tell them what you intend to do next although you may tell them of your intent to home school.

Several districts will, at this point, push a large and intimidating survey/form at the parent and tell them they have to fill it out. This form may ask detailed invasive questions like; how much schooling you have had, what curriculum do you intend to use, how often and with what tests do you plan to make sure your child is learning all they should. The intent of this form is to intimidate the parent into rethinking their decision to assume their role as educator of their child. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED BY LAW TO PROVIDE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION.  You may simply refuse the form or throw it away at home.

The district may use this form to indicate that you are enrolling in the district as a home school student. This is not required by law and provides no benefit to your child. If, at a later date, you decide that you want to gain access to some special services from the district that are available for your child according to state law, you may then sign forms indicating your desire to be so listed. A district is not allowed, by law, to deny you the right to re-enroll your child so long as you can demonstrate that you live within district boundaries.

2. You are not required to restate annually your intent to continue home schooling or to provide the district with any further information on how your child is being educated. For instance, if you decide to later enroll your child in a private school, you are not obligated to inform the district of this decision. Many former public school families receive annual phone calls or letters from the home district asking for this information. One parent even had a social worker come to the house asking this information. You are not required by law to supply it.

3. Compulsory education in this state begins at age 7.  There is no reason for the school district to know anything about your educational choices prior to that age and no law currently requiring it.

Want to learn more about homeschooling?

There are some things you are required to do as a home schooling parent once you get into it. To learn more about your rights and options for homeschooling here in Missouri, you can go to:

 Homeschooling in Missouri
If you know of local meetings of home schoolers that will be addressing common core's impact on your students and/or curriculum, please post them on the Coalition calendar or drop us a note and we will promote them on this page.