Missouri Coalition Against Common Core

Working to regain local control of education in Missouri.

MCACC Documents

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The Patience, Privacy, Power, Politics, and Pensions Behind the
Every Student Succeeds Act

Senator Lamar Alexander made passage of ESSA his top priority since the 2014 mid-terms. This was to be is legacy to the American people. Find out what really went on in DC to get this Act, which Secretary Duncan crowed contained every policy the Administration has been advocating for for years, passed. We were told it was going to return control of education to the states. However,  Alexander has  admitted that, "ESSA isn't worth the paper it's printed on unless it's implemented right, .... The federal government will take these powers right back." [Updated] Read the whole paper here.


Additional Resources

The Cognitive Case Against Computers in the Classroom - Gassel
CCSS Timeline
CCSSO/NGA Memorandum of Understanding to Adopt Common Core Standards
School District MOU to Adopt All RTTT Grant Promises
Amended Application for Funding Under State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Program 2011 (provides state commitment to achieving "equity in teacher distribution and improving the collection and use of data," among other things)
Pearson's Plan To Control Education: Report to the B.C. Teachers’ Federation - Donald Gutstein
EPIC Comments on FERPA Regulation
Prof. James Milgrams Comments on Math Standards
MO Smarter Balanced Consortia MOU
MO NCLB Waiver Application
Nixon MOU For Common Core
Nixon Press Release Re:Signing MO
Districts who did not sign RTTT2 MOU
SBAC - USDoEd Agreement to Share Data
SBAC Governance Structure (with requirements to exit consortia)
First Look - FERPA Regulations (who is allowed to share information)
Gates Money Chart (who got money to promote common core)
Cato Education Spending Graph (375% increase has brought no improvement to test scores)
Alliance For Childhood "Join Statement of Early Childhood Health And Education Professionals On Common Core" (signed by 500 ECE professionals)
Promoting Grit Tenacity and Perseverance (how they plan to monitor and measure your child's engagement in school)
Hatch Amendment Letter - Student's right not to be part of any analysis or evaluation that seeks certain information