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February 1, 2018

I thought you'd like to know what's been happening since January 8th when I testified at the State Board of Education meeting about the qualifications of the next commissioner and submitted copies of the Fall 2017 analysis of documents on the mo.gov website to the Attorney General's Office and the State Auditor.

On Tuesday, January 23, I delivered the attached testimony to the Springfield Public School Board of Education (where I live) and expressed my dismay that employees of the SPS were publicly defending the former commissioner of education,  but didn't make any noise about the violations of MO and federal law she's responsible for. You may know that the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) came to her defense, as well. Seems no one has been reading the laws that require open meetings and prompt release of assessment data. When you read the testimony, you'll get the details. If you live in MO, feel free to modify the testimony to tailor it to your school district and deliver it at your school board's public comment period.

You may want to substitute my focus on SPS employees with MSBA not being concerned about the apparent violations of MO law. You'll note, I don't get into the weeds with what the governor did, I'm concerned no one called out the commissioner last September over what she did -- excluding the Algebra I and English II EOC results from DESE's report to the state board.

On a similar note,
The General Assembly's Joint Education Committee is holding a hearing this coming Monday to discuss the exclusion of the test results. Below is the information of time and place. I called the chair to ask if he would receive public comments. He said "NO". But that doesn't stop concerned citizens from attending the hearing and letting their legislators know what you know. See info below:

Joint Committee on Education
Chair: David Wood (58)
House Hearing Room 1
2/5/2018 - 11:30 A.M.

1/18/2018 1:42:10 PM
I. Presentation: Missouri Department of Higher Education – Core Curriculum Implementation in Response to SB 997. II. Discussion: Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education -- Exclusion of 2017 End-of Course (EOC) Assessments (i.e., Algebra I, English II) from the Scoring of Annual Performance Reports.