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Governor Nixon Signs HB1490

School Board Resolutions

The Missouri Coalition Against Common Core is proud to announce that Governor Jay Nixon signed House Bill1490 into law on July 14, 2014. We appreciate the work of the Missouri Legislature and the Governor in this first step which enables Missourians to direct and develop education for Missouri students. We believe this is an important first step forward that applies the appropriate caution when implementing a new and untried standards system. This new law will provide a measure of  protection for our teachers, districts and students from consequences for student test scores on a standardized test whose validity and reliability as a tool for measuring their performance is not supported by data.

We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature in the next session to further education excellence for Missouri students.

To better understand the main elements of this law, download our pamphlet "Common Core and Missouri - Where are we now?"

Take a look at a proposed resolution for your school board on the upcoming

 Amendment 3

The AP U.S. History (APUSH) course has been changed by David Coleman (Common Core Architect). Find out why your district should should pass a resolution to send to the College Board and our state board of education requesting a delay of implementation of the new APUSH.
HB1490 Work Group Meeting Locations

October 20, 2014
  • Elementary Science - Jefferson Bldg., 1st floor
  • Secondary Science - Jefferson Bldg., 5th floor, large conference room
  • Elementary Math - Jefferson Bldg., 6th floor, Commissioner's conference room
  • Secondary Math - GOB, Rm. 315
  • Elementary Social Studies - GOB, Rm. 316
  • Secondary Social Studies - GOB, Rm. 460
  • Elementary ELA - GOB, Rm. 470
  • Secondary ELA - Truman Bldg., Rm. 400

Also check the DESE website for last minute changes to location.  Here

Why We Need To Stop Common Core - Video

The American Principles Project and Concerned Women of America have produced a fabulous video series that describes what Common Core Standards are, how we got them and what we can do to get them out of our state. 

Please watch all five segments and share this link with as many people as you can. 

If you really want to educate yourself about Common Core go to our Resource page and read the Pioneer Institute Report "Controlling Education From The Top"

Dr. Sandra Stotsky Missouri Tour October 20-23, 2014

See the MCACC Calendar for more details.

What's New on MCACC

MCACC Legislative Day

Mary Byrne's presentation "Tensions in American Education" is now posted on our Links page for those who would like to share it.

Our very own video tab

We have added  a  Video tab to include lots of informative videos on common core and student data. Please check there for things like:
  • Governor Nixon telling the national governors association that he has been going around the legislature to change the teacher evaluation system.
  • Commissioner Nicastro admitting that common core is the floor of standards we want our children to master.
  • Professor James Milgram explaining why the CC standards won't make kids college ready.
  • Bill Gates telling the Natl Council of State Legislatures that the big benefit of common core is creating a uniform customer base for businesses.
  • Paul Schwartz warning about the dangers of student data collection.

Please check it out and share it with your friends!

What You Can Do To Help Stop Common Core

  1. Join MCACC by Registering to the right.
  2. Sign the petition and forward the link on to others to sign.
  3. Share the MCACC website with as many people as you can. Encourage them to watch the videos on the Home page. 
  4. Educate yourself by reading the documents on the resources and documents pages and then educate others.
    5. Get your local school board to sign the Resolution Against Common Core.

The Latest Common Core News

 Dr. James Milgram warns that CC will destroy America's Standing in Technology

"From the time the new standards were put in place and until the time of the adoption of Common Core standards in California in 2010, Milgram said two-thirds of the students in the state [CA] were taking Algebra in the 8th grade and doing well, with over half of them at least proficient or above.
Milgram said this piece of information is critical because it showed that it was possible for almost every student to handle Algebra in the 8th grade.... he went on to reveal how the fact that challenging minority students – resulting in their increased performance – was a threat to faculty in universities."
Read more at Breitbart

Indiana teachers admit following Common Core

"While some politicians are unwilling to admit that Indiana is still following the Common Core, teachers and school administrators are not hiding it. Many school districts have been put in a difficult position with the rebrand:  They have orders to teach standards that are Common Core to children whose parents were led to believe it was gone.  

Read more at Hoosiers Against Common Core

Common Core’s Flimsy Basis
"Common Core advocates understood what researchers were telling them about enabling conditions. However, during this stage of the policy process, they chose to downplay them because they would complicate the agenda at a time when a policy window was opening but might not be open for long."
Read More at Jay P Greene's Blog
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